God-Centred Conference Overview

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God Centred is an annual youth conference of the Christian Life Fellowship (CLF) Youth Council.

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The idea first emerged in 2008 from the Council’s outreach work among youth, who they recognized needed help and support to navigate many challenging issues including:

  • poor parental and family support and guidance
  • financial difficulties
  • stress related to their academic performance
  • stress related to their social and emotional well-being, particularly the need for approval from their peers
  • the pressure to have an intimate partner and to be sexually-active
  • managing issues related to sexuality such as sexual identity and orientation, pregnancy and the challenges associated with contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI)


The purpose of God Centred is to influence and challenge Jamaican youth to wholeheartedly centre their life on pleasing God. This, we believe, is a journey. It starts with an understanding of the life of Jesus Christ through the preaching of the Gospel, as written in the Bible; an acknowledgement and acceptance of Him as Lord; and a commitment to spiritual growth through membership and active involvement in a local, Bible-believing church.