Building the house... engaging the harvest

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Our theme for 2016

This year, we celebrate our 35th anniversary, continuing under the theme – “Building the house… engaging the Harvest” – reflecting our dual call of building a strong local church, with a strong missional focus and impact.

All this is in-keeping with our vision – …to be a strong home base, from which many multi-faceted ministries will originate to impact Jamaica, the Caribbean, and the world, for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

From our very humble beginnings in 1981 when about 50 persons squeezed into the “mini”-chapel at CAST (now UTECH), then to different locations on the UWI campus, later at Jamaica College, and finally settling down at our current home, we have grown to become a medium-sized church whose impact belies our relatively small numbers.

Over these years, hundreds of persons have ‘passed through’ our doors and most can testify of a life-changing experience through Bible-centered teaching, vibrant worship, earnest prayer, warm fellowship, social activism and evangelistic outreach.

Through migration and a vast network of returning tertiary students, the reach of CLF extends to virtually every parish in Jamaica, to many Caribbean nations, to the USA, UK, Canada, and other nations of the world.

Despite many challenges, we have seen the grace of God manifested in and through this local church, and for this we give much thanks to Him, even as we depend on His continuing grace to take us the rest of the journey to fulfil the vision.